Vitamin C Serum 23% + Ferulic Acid


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Garden of Wisdom (GOW) Vitamin C serum with Ferulic Acid contains 23% Vitamin C as  L-ascorbic acid to promote a fresher and brighter complexion. Several studies indicate that a vitamin C serum’s benefits, one containing L-ascorbic acid at the correct pH range, include defending skin against free radical damage caused by UV rays as well as enhancing collagen production to help promote firmer skin.

This Vitamin C 23% serum helps prevent the oxidation of melanin (the skin’s natural pigment), resulting in clearer and brighter complexion.

Ferulic Acid is a powerful antioxidant found in the cell walls of plants that protects vitamin C against oxidation and destroys the superoxide and hydroxyl radicals, helping to protect the skin against ageing. This ferulic acid serum is non-greasy and easily absorbed and leaves your skin brighter, fresher looking, even-toned and more radiant.

Vitamin C Serum benefits:

  • Reduces the impact of pollution and sun exposure.
  • Supports collagen manufacture and protects collagen to prevent ageing skin.
  • Helps Improves skin’s plumpness and elasticity.
  • Increases hydration levels.

All Garden of Wisdom products are free from added Colours, Fragrances, Alcohol, Silicones and Parabens. Garden of Wisdom skincare is Cruelty Free & suitable for Vegetarians.

Garden of Wisdom contain as few ingredients as possible. This allows the actives to reach the deeper layers of your skin, delivering superior results. pH range of 3.1 – 3.4.

Our in house pharmacist Shabir Daya has written two articles about Vitamin C Serum:

How to use: Apply a sufficient amount of vitamin C serum to cover the face onto cleansed, dry skin, ideally at night. If used during the day, follow with sunscreen.  Do not use on irritated skin and discontinue if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse with warm water. If using in the day follow with an SPF. Store in the fridge. To prevent oxidisation, do not open the bottle.  Wash hands after use. Build your complete Garden Of Wisdom skincare regimen here.


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